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How to set up latency?

Quick guide

What is latency?

Each iPhone and each bluetooth device acts a bit differently when you record or play something. This can cause a very small delay which is called latency.

When we want to have a perfect synch for looping multiple tracks, it's better to make sure latency is adjusted properly.

Where can I adjust latency?

The latency adjustment sliders can be found on Jam Looper settings.

  1. Tap the ☰ icon on the top left of your song.

  2. Tap the ⚙ icon on the top left of your  'All songs' view

  3. Tap 'Adjust latency'

About these latency sliders

We have 2 latency sliders: 

  1. Playback latency - This impact latency between tracks. It changes when the playback of previous tracks is played compared to the record of a new track.

  2. Bluetooth latency - This impacts the bluetooth device inherit latency. Only active when you use a bluetooth device.

How to set up your latency

Before you begin

  1. Start a new song.

  2. Make sure you're not using any headphones or bluetooth device.

  3. Go to song settings (Tap the 3 dots on the bottom left of your song view).

  4. Set tempo to 60.

  5. Set metronome to 4/4.

  6. Set countdown to 1 Bar.

Record and view your first track

  1. Tap record 

  2. Let the track record the metronome beats for a few seconds.

  3. Tap to stop recording.

  4. Tap the track control to get into Trim.

  5. You should see something like image 1


Image 1 - Your first track, recording the metronome beats, should appear every sec (tempo is 60)

Record and view your second track

  1. Make sure your songs doesn't play.

  2. Tap record again

  3. Let the 2nd track record the metronome beats for a few seconds. While the 1st track also plays the metronome beats recorded.

  4. Tap to stop recording.

  5. Tap the track control to get into Trim.

  6. Take a look and see if you're seeing 2 peaks or just one. (Image 2).


Image 2 - Your 2nd track.

If your tracks are synched you should see only 1 peak with each metronome beat (image 2b)

if your tracks are out of synch, you should see 2 peaks (image 2a)

2 a - before fix

2 metronome peaks

-> out of synch

2 b - after fix

Peaks are synched 

Adjusting Playback latency slider

  1. There is a default value of 0.15 in the Playback latency slider.

  2. If you are seeing something like image 2a
    -> add (or subtract) the difference between the 2 peaks to the latency slider.

  3. Delete this 2nd track, and record it again (following the same instructions)

  4. Make sure you adjust the slider until the peaks unite.

Adjusting bluetooth devices latency

  1. Open a new song.

  2. Make sure your bluetooth device is connected.

  3. In song settings, make sure tempo is 60, metronome is 4/4, and countdown is 1Bar.

  4. Record the 1st track - Make a sharp sound with every metronome beat you hear (tap a table, click your finger, etc..) - record a few seconds until your sounds correlate exactly with the metronome beats.

  5. Go to your track's Trim view (see image 3).

  6. If your recorded sounds doesn't sit on even seconds (exactly when the metronome beat is heard). 
    -> Adjust the bluetooth latency slider to accommodate for that delay.

  7. Delete this track and re-record it again to make sure it is perfectly synched.

  8. Make sure to go over all previous steps to adjust the Playback latency slider.

What is latency
Set up latency
Bluetooth latency

3 a - before fix

Peaks are slightly off even seconds.


3 b - after fix

Peaks are synched on even seconds.

Image 3 - Your 1st track trim view.

Make sure your recorded sound's peaks are on even seconds.

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