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Short intros to get you started


Create a movie in less than a minute using themes.

Themes basics

Themes are a great way to create something amazing in less than a minute.

They are a combination of your media with effects, music and even animated text if you choose so.


How to quickly customise a theme.

Themes - next steps

Reorder and trim videos, change music, duration, format, 

add animated text to any video.


Trim, reorder, add effects and music and customize with precision

StoryWave Editor 101

Welcome to StoryWave editor, here you can customize every little detail in your movie.

Add multiple effects, music and text layers.

Customize each layer on a timeline with precision.

Switch between presets, or customize every aspect of the effect to your liking.


Learn how to use animated text like a pro

All about text

Words are so important.

Learn how to control timing, animation, fonts and design of text to fully express yourself

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