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We are passionate about self expression

Check out our apps:

Share better videos

We made StoryWave to celebrate self expression

• Edit and mix videos and photos, add music and effects and express yourself with beautiful animated text.


• Use our stunning presets or customize everything with full control and precision.


• Make a splash on social media.


Video editor

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Express yourself

We believe that telling better stories is crucial, sharing your life in a visually aesthetic engaging way should be easy and fun.


That's why we've created DISCO VIDEOS - a set of tools to enrich any visual content with music, filters, mixing videos, text and more, all through an experience that is easy, fun and fast.

Disco Videos

Story camera

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Just Jam

A simple and fun way to create music.
Featuring smart automatic looping, multiple tracks, volume control and track effects.
Meticulously designed as a seamless experience that lets you just jam while we take care of the rest.

Music maker

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